Is the property still available and how do we see it?

“I’m sorry, but that property has already sold!”

Searching for a home online is only half the battle. The other half is verifying
whether the property is still available and how to go about seeing it in person.

The reality is that many of the properties you come across while doing an internet search...are either
already sold, or no longer available (i.e. the listing has expired.) The reason for this is that some agents are not as diligent at updating information about their listings as others. Perhaps they haven’t changed their MLS data to show that the property was sold last week, or that their listing has expired. You could easily spend hours calling Realtor after Realtor, only to find that half of the properties you thought would be perfect for you and your family...are no longer available.

But there’s a MUCH better way! Here’s what I recommend you do:

Make a list of all the homes you are interested in, then simply call me with the information, or send me an email with the details. I will personally contact the listing agents on each of those properties to confirm availability and also to schedule a time when we can tour the properties in person. In your email, please provide the best time for you to see the homes, along with a phone number where I can reach you with the updated information.

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